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There is a very old MECS scheme running in Haringey. There are only a handful of practices participating now from the original 8 or so and it's a historical scheme which may be phased out in the current NHS structure.

Attached is a current MECS provider list for Haringey CCG patients (as of 22nd April 2020)

NCL has commissioned a Pilot to provide pathways in pre and post cataract assessment, glaucoma referral enhancement and medical retina.

The following professional fees are available to practitioners:

Cataracts: £35 (pre op check)

Cataracts: £35 (post op check)

Glaucoma: £75 (repeat readings, 2 visits)

Medical Retina: £45 (diagnostics eg OCT)

Please note MECS is not part of this service.

All assessments must be undertaken using the EOS App

Please find a one page clinical protocol summary below.

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