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The Enfield Primary Eyecare Service 

is provided by accredited optical practices for patients registered with Enfield CCG GP practices, and comprises three services:

  • Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

  • Enhanced Cataract Referral Service

  • Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) and Visual Fields repeat readings service (Glaucoma Repeat Readings).

 We thought that it would be useful to provide some more information about the Service and its scope.

 Enfield GPs, and optical practices not providing the Service, can refer patients to all three services. Patients can also self-refer to MECS


MECS -  suitable for patients with a recent problem with their eyes, such as sore eyes, red eyes or visual disturbance. 

Conditions that can be seen under the service include:

  • Red eye or eyelids

  • Dry eye, or gritty and uncomfortable eyes

  • Irritation and inflammation of the eye

  • Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye

  • Recently occurring flashes or floaters

  • In-growing eyelashes

  • Recent and sudden loss of vision

  • Foreign body in the eye

More details are on the Enfield CCG website 

Enhanced Cataract Referral service - for a patient who has a cataract being considered for surgery and is not already under the care of an ophthalmologist for another ocular condition (if under the care of an ophthalmologist for another ocular condition, the patient’s consultant should be asked to review for potential cataract surgery). 

Note: the referral of a patient for surgery with corrected vision better than 6/9, would need to be justified by the referring optometrist, in line with the Enfield CCG cataract surgery policy.

 IOP and visual field repeat readings service (glaucoma repeat readings) - for patients with an IOP of 24 - 31mmHg at sight test, and/or a visual field defect which may be due to glaucoma, but no other signs of glaucoma present. 

  • Patients who have an IOP reading above 31mmHg at sight test, or other signs of glaucoma eg. suspicious optic nerve head appearance or suspicious anterior chamber angle, should be referred to a consultant ophthalmologist as now.

  • Patients who have an IOP reading below 24mmHg and no other signs of glaucoma, do not require onward referral (in line with NICE guidance NG81 - November 2017).

 Referrals for ocular conditions which fall outside the scope of the three primary eyecare services, should be referred directly to secondary care in the usual way.

An up-to-date list of local optical practices 

accredited to provide the Primary Eyecare Service, is available to download on the Enfield CCG website  

(Please note that there is no repeat readings service available currently at Boots Opticians - 18 London Road; only MECS and direct cataract referral)

 If you have questions or your practice is interested in providing the Enfield Primary Eyecare Service, please let us know by emailing or and we can let you have the details.

Attached is a current MECS provider list for Enfield CCG patients (as of 4th May 2020)

NCL has commissioned a Pilot to provide pathways in pre and post cataract assessment, glaucoma referral enhancement and medical retina.

The following professional fees are available to practitioners:

Cataracts: £35 (pre op check)

Cataracts: £35 (post op check)

Glaucoma: £75 (repeat readings, 2 visits)

Medical Retina: £45 (diagnostics eg OCT)

Please note MECS is not part of this service.

All assessments must be undertaken using the EOS App

Please find a one page clinical protocol summary below.

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